Click to enlarge "Good Morning" Breakfast Basket 2 Mugs

Our Alaska Morning breakfast basket is made in a beautiful Alaska made birch-bark basket (shown) or attractive round wicker basket, and contains two beautiful hand-thrown pottery pitcher from Joni Loyer-Muth with her signature birch design; both lasting gifts. It contains our delicious "birched" honey - or Alaska raw wildflower honey, your choice of 3.4 oz. syrups and our own "extreme" wild berry jams. Beverage choices are Alaskan favorites: fresh roasted Raven's Brew coffee beans, Alaska Wild Botanical Teas, or Summit Spice "Snowbound" dutched cocoa. Our excellent Flying Squirrel birch-nut granola or Alaska blueberry barley pancake mix is also included. This basket will fit in the large flat rate box!

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